2016 Admissions Results

  • More University of California admits than prior years.
  • I note here admits only to UCB or UCLA, the Ivies, MIT, UChicago, and Stanford. (Note: some students understandably have been admitted to multiple places.)

  • Out of 45 Students:

3 Harvard

3 Stanford

2 Brown

1 Columbia

1 Yale

1 Princeton

4 Cornell


6 UChicago

30 UCB or UCLA

1 admit to the combined BS-MD program at Northwestern University

  • The median GPA was 3.87.

  • Two-thirds were pursuing either computer science or engineering.

  • Member of the National Association of College Admissions Counseling and supporter of its Best Principles and Practices Statement


Translation available in: ChineseKorean

Meet the Counselor

Gloria Chun, Ph.D.
Founder and Head Counselor at Top Choice

  • B.A. from Cornell University
  • Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley
  • College Admissions and Career Counseling Certificate from UC Berkeley
  • Published author and writing teacher
  • Writing instructor at the Language and Thinking Institute at Bard College
  • Professor at Bard College, Columbia, and Princeton University
  • Certified in MBTI Personality and Strong Interest Inventory assessments
  • Experience working in admissions
  • Ten years in college admissions counseling
  • Member of National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC)

Gloria Chun brings a unique perspective to college admissions counseling with her broad experience at all levels of education and expertise as not only counselor of college admissions but also professor, professional writer, writing teacher, and certified personality (MBTI) and career adviser.

Given her unique background, Gloria provides the student necessary skills and strategies for maximizing their chances for admission into top tier institutions as well as tools for thriving in college and thereafter. Prior to her work as college admissions counselor, she has taught at Bard College, Princeton University, Columbia University, and University of California at Berkeley

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College Admissions Guidance Includes…

Translation available in: ChineseKorean
  • Personality Assessments and Academic Profile
  • Academic Advising/Course Selection
  • College List
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Activity (Brag) Sheet
  • Visiting Campuses
  • College Application Essay
  • Review of College Application
  • Interview Preparation
  • Showing Active Interest
  • Creating a Strategic Plan for Testing  

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