2016 Admissions Results

  • More University of California admits than prior years.
  • I note here admits only to UCB or UCLA, the Ivies, MIT, UChicago, and Stanford. (Note: some students understandably have been admitted to multiple places.)
  • Out of 45 Students:

3 Harvard

3 Stanford

2 Brown

1 Columbia

1 Yale

1 Princeton

4 Cornell


6 UChicago

30 UCB or UCLA

1 admit to the combined BS-MD program at Northwestern University

  • The median GPA was 3.87.
  • Two-thirds were pursuing either computer science or engineering.
  • Member of the National Association of College Admissions Counseling and supporter of its Best Principles and Practices Statement


"Up till the eleventh hour, Gloria was with me looking over my applications. I couldn’t have done it without her." — Student, on the application review

"I have Gloria to thank for helping me to think outside the box with my college essays. I couldn't have gotten into my first choice at Harvard without her advice."  — Student, on the college application essay

"Gloria did an excellent job using a holistic approach taking into account my son's personality and learning styles.  Not only did she get to know his personality, but she helped him get to know himself which helped him to better express himself in his college essays." Parent, on the college application essay

"My son who is extremely bright but was totally unmotivated about college worked with Gloria and found his passion and calling in political science and economics. She definitely had a way of motivating him that worked miracles. He pulled up his GPA to match his test scores and is now at Pomona."  — Parent, on personal assessments and academic counseling

"I didn't believe it until I began to see all the acceptance letters coming in. Gloria brought out the best in my son. There were times I did not believe he would be able to succeed, but with Gloria's excellent mentoring, he made it. He learned a lot about himself from her too."  —Parent of International Student, college admissions

"Working with Gloria restored a sense of excitement about the process and reduced my anxiety and self-doubts. Come October, I wasn't going crazy trying to juggle everything at the same time that I was working on applications. I should mention that she also made me take a college composition class. As a junior in college, I can't complain about my GPA."  — Student, on academic advice

"Gloria consistently performs at the "top of her game", advising, supporting and understanding the aptitudes, goals and strengths of each of her students. Gloria has been instrumental in guiding us along the complicated path of college admissions. We feel truly fortunate to have found Gloria. She has strengthened our son's college options and guided him towards excellent decision-making at an important juncture in his life. We know Gloria's commitment to our son will benefit him for the rest of his life." — Parent, on college admissions and advising