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Gloria Chun invites parents to a free 30 minute consultation by phone or by Skype (gloria.chun).

You can also email her at to set up a consultation time.

A Word to Parents

If you are like most parents, you know how hard your student has worked to get this far and you want to provide him or her the best opportunity there is for his or her college education. Yet with the ever increasing competition and the rules of the college admissions game always changing, how do you go about making that dream college a reality? High school counselors can provide you and your student with some advice but with hundreds of students in their keep, they cannot provide one-on-one attention that is required to help your student succeed in the admissions game.  School counselors will lay out the general process, but after that you and your child are on your own. It will not be possible for them to look over multiple drafts of your student’s college admissions essays, conduct a mock interview, keep your student on track, or review every application before submission.

As your student’s personal academic adviser and college admissions counselor, I will work in the background in conjunction with the high school counselor to draw up your student’s college list; help your student get organized; meet deadlines; plan visits; prepare for interviews; inform ways to show active interest; discuss summer internships, course selection, and extracurricular activities; as well as brainstorm about essay topics; provide feedback on every single essay; and review each and every application prior to submission. I begin by getting to know your student intimately so that I can best motivate, inspire, and advise him or her. To that end, I begin with a set of personality and interests assessments (given my credentials in career counseling). Having worked in admissions, I am intimately familiar with the admissions selection process and having been a professor for seven years, I also know what it takes to succeed in college.

There is no one-size-fits-all template for advising your student. After a careful set of assessments, I will be in a better position to encourage, guide, and motivate your student to put his or her best foot forward in the college admissions process. As I provide personal attention to all of my students, I take on a limited number each year. My goal is to take the stress out of the process and put joy back into college admissions. If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.